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General Links:

Official Kenbak-1 Website - John Blankenbaker
Erik Klein's Kenbak-1 Page - Erik Klien's Vintage Computer Collection Website
Altair 8800 Computer Replica Kit
DIY Kenbak-1 Creation Story - Thomas Jones's Computer Collection Website

Links with E-mail/Web Based Discussions:

The Vintage Computer Forums - Erik Klein's Forum for Vintage Computers
ccTalk - Classic Computer General Discussion On-Topic and Off-Topic Posts
Stockly Electronics Forums - Official Support and Discussion of the reproduction Altair 8800 Kit
comp.os.cpm - Google Groups interface to comp.os.cpm - Altair Friendly Newsgroup
alt.folklore.computers - Google Groups interface to alt.folklore.computers
comp.arch.fpga - Google Groups interface to comp.arch.fpga
sci.electronics.basics - Google Groups interface to sci.electronics.basics
sci.electronics.design - Google Groups interface to sci.electronics.design
comp.sys.apple2 - Google Groups interface to comp.sys.apple2

Companies who provided services for the kit:

Mile High Testing Services - Provided PCB scanning services for the kit.  They also provide bare board testing, bare board fixtures, and functional fixtures.  These guys do great work at an unbeatable price!
Advanced Circuits - PCB manufacturing for the kit

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