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These manuals have been heavily touched up by me.  They are what I would consider restored manuals.  I'm sure there is a "bug" or two in them, so please e-mail me and bring any to my attention!  : )  In each one of them the white space has been deleted
(deleted copy specks), they have been converted to gray scale, the pages have been straightened (.1-.3 degrees rotation on average), text blocks have been placed within original margins, and page numbers have been placed in the exact same spot on each page.  

All manuals were scanned at 600dpi and are available here for download at 600dpi.  All of the PDFs are searchable, even the vintage manuals.  This means you can search for text within them (very handy!)..

The order of the manuals below is the order in the "Kenbak-1 Series 2" binder.

Kenbak-1 Series 2 Binder:
Contents, Packing Lists, Color Construction Guide, MITS Kit Assembly Hints - 16.5MB

Parts Placement List and PCB Layout - 89KB

Vintage KENBAK-1 Manuals:

Installation and Maintenance Manual - 3.5MB
Theory of Operation Manual - 26.6MB
Programming Reference Manual - 16.5MB
Programming Worksheets - 783KB
Laboratory Exercises Manual - 92.1MB

The End - 184KB

Other Documentation:

Not provided in the manual but available for download are high resolution pictures of the assembled PCB.  I provided a poorly done scan to two builders and they thought it helped a lot. I also imagine that people without the kit will still want to download the pictures!  : )  The first scan was made on a small scanner which required 4 images. They didn't line up perfectly.

These scans were made on a large format scanner. It didn't provide enough brightness to expose the board so I had to use Photoshop to enhance it. That's why the top image looks a little funny.

The 600dpi scans are about 10MB each, and the 300dpi scans are 3MB each. The 600dpi scans are worth the wait.

The bottom side of the board has black sharpie next to some of the pins. I had to chase a cold solder joint so I fixed every one of them in the problem area. I marked the rows that had been completed. Hopefully you can look beyond that.  I may upload another bottom picture if I build another unit.

KENBAK-1 PCB Assembled Bottom 300dpi - 3.2MB
KENBAK-1 PCB Assembled Bottom 600dpi - 10.2MB
KENBAK-1 PCB Assembled Top 300dpi - 3.1MB
KENBAK-1 PCB Assembled Top 600dpi - 10.2MB

©2007 Grant Stockly
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